Sunday, December 21, 2008

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About this Blog:

This blog will have points-of-view on politics, philosophy and humor. It comes direct from Montana's Rocky Mountain Front. The header image is Sawtooth Ridge, which is right outside my office window.

Two views that speak to me are:

One, anyone with a brain (and uses it) and a voter registration card is an expert. Algebraic notation would be: [B(used) + Vrc = E]. Too much of what is said or assumed in the world comes from politicians and pundits who get paid (by whom) to spread their "stuff." I will spread some "stuff" here.

Two, the philosophy of William Graham Sumner. One of his points is, "On the value, as a sociological principle, of the rule to mind one's own business." That is the title of Chapter VIII, What Social Classes Owe To Each Other, William Graham Sumner (ISBN 142861561X).

A shortened version is that each person's only duty is to improve him/herself and his/her family. Since that is an infinite pursuit, and no person has infinite abilities, then a person should refrain from everything except improving one's person or family. Some take this to mean living in a cave and not venturing out, but I believe a person needs to improve in their job and their interaction with society--friends and friends to be--in order to improve overall. Sumner goes on to use his point to prove why "minding one's own business is important."

He says that if persons A and B decide that person C is doing something that is not good, then persons A and B will enact legislation to force person C to comply with what is good for A and B and supposedly for person C. Sumner points out that while all this is happening, everyone forgets about person D. Person D is the person (or most probably, many people) who have to live within the rules established by A and B to make person C conform. Person/people D are the "forgotten man." In today's context, the forgotten men/women are those that have to foot the bill for the bank and auto industry bailouts. Most of these people have lived within their means, paid their taxes and not tried to defraud anyone of anything. The laws that have been passed to help homeowners, bankers and auto corporations, who are actually the minority, are affecting, or neglecting those forgotten men and women.

Those two views have prompted me to enter the blogosphere to share my two cents.
FYI: I have been a wilderness hunting guide, paratrooper, wilderness outfitter and a horseshoer. I have a wonderful wife, Wende, who has been my partner for over 22 years. The photo is us and our late blue heeler, "Tippy," at a temporary hunting camp in 2001.

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From what I have seen, we share similar views. I will ink to you. Thank you.