Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Racism in Big Sky Country Part 2

This is the rebuttal I returned to my co-workers who had sent me "Bubba on Obama:"

Dennis on "Bubba on Obama"

During this lengthy presidential election season I have received many emails detailing candidates shortcomings.  They all lacked facts.  Most are actually thinly velied hate mail disguised as informative journalism.  I normally overlook them since they are sent by well-intentioned friends and relatives.  However, a free society cannot function on lies, half-truth and innuendo.

The lastest, and one fothe most hateful, biased and false items is "Bubba on Obama."  (It can be found at the end of my email)  I have adddressed most of Bubba's shortcomings.

Two hundred and thirty one years after our Declaration of Independence stated the ". . . all men are created equal," and 143 years after the American Civil War, and its subsequent results--the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Bubba makes some great distinction between white and black, and white and African.  Our great "melting pot" really is racially biased.  Bubba demonstrates it in his writing.  This point is mentioned only because it it the only real fact in Bubba's piece.

Bubba sems to think that Obama has some character flaw because his black father got his white mother pregnant.  Biologically, most people have very little control over who their parents are, and in the United States it is very common vfor white men to father children of white women (or even black women) long  before "I do " is thought of.  On the other hand, if interracial sex is sickening to Bubba, then that horrible man Thomas Jefferson must have been one nasty scum bag!

Bubba goes on to implythat an upside-down, ripped-up dysfunctional family is grounds for banishment.  It seems to me that step-parents, half-brothers and sisters, and people moving about the country while engaged in extramarital sex, are quite common in the United States.

Bubba makes a further point of questioning how Obama got to where he is today.  Instead of making accusations, Bubba should "read a few books."  Obama is living the American Dream, where anyone can dream, work and become President of the United States.  Obama's college career isn't much different from anyone else's.  He started at Occidental College in Los Angeles and then transferred to Columbia University.  Seven years later he attended Harvard Law School.  A combination of good grades and winning a writing competition got him a spot as editor of the Harvard Law Review.  He was later elected president of the Harvard Law Review.  (Why does Bubba ask, "Have you looked at tuition expenses to attend undergraduate Yale lately?"  Obama never attended Yale.)

Since Bubba is an "old farm boy," he must be familiar with a few people of modest means who became president.  What about that old farm boy from Missouri who had no college degree, was partner in a haberdashery, went bankrupt in 1921, became President in 1945, and ordered the only use of atomic weapons in war.  Yeah, god 'ole Harry Truman.  (How much foreign relations experience does a haberdasher have?)  Or, what about that other farm boy--born in a log cabin, worked splitting rails and manuevering flat boats, read by candle light and kept the country together through our only civil war.  Yeah, good 'ole "Honest Abe."

Bubba also questioned where Obama got the backing for a $1.4 million dollar house, etc.  Obama isn't splitting fence rails or navigating a flatboat on the Ohio River.  Obama's work on the Harvard Law Review and his graduating magna cum laude got him a publishing contract and an advance on that book, as well as, an offer of a fellowship at the University of Chicago Law School.  The book is, "Dreams of My Father."  Most of his $4.2 million income in 2007 came from the sale of his book.  Seems that Obama deserves to spend his money as he likes.   A rational person could only applaud Obama for reaching for the stars and achieving what many others could only dream of.  It is possible that that is one reason for racism against Obama.

Bubba slams Obama for being a Civil Rights Activist.  Probably like that nasty John F. Kennedy, or his brother, Robert, or maybe like that dirt bag who issued the Emancipation Proclamation.

It also seems that Bubba should return to Sunday School.  He answers his own question, 
"How long is the beast to have authority in Revelations?"  In some Bibles his answer of 42 months is correct.  But that can only be found by doing some wild arithmetic.  (Maybe Bubba is mathematically challenged)  In the oldest extent Greek Bibles Revelations says, "three and a half days."  Only by going to Numbers 14:34, and then extrapolating, can one change it to 42 months.  Numbers 14:34 says, ". . . After the number of days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise."  I could be wrong, but I think the U.S. presidency lasts longer than three and a half days.

Bubba also says that The Book of Revelations says the antichrist is "a man, in his 40s, of Muslim descent who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a massive Christ-like appeal . . ."

Bubba contradicts himself here.  Earlier he asked about the beast in Revelations.  Now he asks about the antichrist.  There is no antichrist in Revelations.  There is a beast in Revelations, but the antichrist is found in John 1 and John 2.

More importantly it is hard to believe that the author(s) of Revelations living in the first century (some schlars believe Revelations was written in 68-69 AD or 95-96 AD) would have a way of referring to a religion that had not been founded yet.  Muhammad wasn't born until 570 and he didn't have his revalations until 610.  There doesn't appear to be any mention of a Muslim being the antichrist in Daniel, John or Revelations.  It would be interesting to wonder how someone would actually name an unnamed people five centuries five centuries before they were born.

Footnote 1:  There are groups of Lutherns in the world that believe the antichrist to be that little old man who wears a funny white hat on the back of his head and drives around in the "Pope Mobile."  Yeah Bubba, the Pope.  Some believe it today.

Footnote 2:  Even if the only research a person does in on the Discovery Channel you will know that some scholars believe Revelations was written about events that happened in the 1st century AD.

Footnote 3:  Bubba contradicts himself again.  All this stuff about the beast being a Muslim is rather pointless.  Obama is a Christian.  Bubba stated that Obama belongs to "an 'afrocentric' church in Chicago that hates white, hates jews, and blames America for all the world's faults."  Sound like a hate sermon to me.

A free society needs facts.  It needs to be open.  If a person--say, Bubba--doesn't like another person--say, Obama--then Bubba should say so.  If he wants people to listen, he should gibe reasons.  It is too bad that a lot of people have read "Bubba on Obama" and have made judgements based on it.  If a person hated John McCain, he/she could write a similar piece with the theme of John McCain being a real-life Manchurian Candidate since he had been a prisoner of war in a communist controlled country.  (Funny that people may laugh at that suggestion, but believe what Bubba had to say.)

Too much emphasis is placed on the presidency and not enough on the true power of the United States--The House of Representatives.  As we focus on silly name calling at the presidential level, representatives are quietly remaining incumbent with no effort and little expense.  Want to keep your guns?  Want local control of your schools?  Want the United States to remain strong and financially solvent?  It's the representatives in Congress that could do that.  If we don't make them, they won't do what is philosophically good for mankind--only what is good for their pocketbooks.

This was written and edited by Dennis A. Carroll, and I approve this message.

That was my email.  Any well thought out comments would be appreciated. 

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